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Eliminating complicated operations
Capable of capturing images with pre-defined methods and automatically converting them into text.
Capable of capturing images and convert them into text with the direction of wizard.
Capable of directly converting images into text in Explorer.

Capturing images correctly
TWAIN-compliant scanners enabled.
Capable of auto or manual correction for slanting images.
Equipped with the function for image reversing.
Equipped with functions for image correction.

Recognizing images correctly
Equipped with respective recognition systems for Chinese and English, yielding a higher accuracy.
Capable of recognizing images composed of mixed information (text, table, and picture).
Equipped with functions to support correction.
Equipped with functions to save area information.
Capable of setting the recognition language (Chinese or English) automatically and manually for area units.

Saving, transferring and sending files for output
Equipped with functions to save all editing files (image and text) into one editable file.
Various choices for saving formats(Images:TIFF, BMP, PCX, JPEG/Text:TXT, RTF, HTML, CSV).
Capable of transferring text to other applications.
Capable of sending text as attachments to e-mails.

Reproduce files for output with the layout information of image files
Capable of text editing in Microsoft Word in a layout similar to that of original image files.
Capable of reproducing text formats such as font size, full-justification, indent and Tab key.
Capable of layout designing for text, images and tables when area units are framed, and also of layout designing when unframed.

Reproducing tables
Capable of editing tables directly in Microsoft Word (saved as RTF files).
Capable of converting tables in images to HTML formats (saved as HTML files).
Capable of exporting tables in images to Microsoft Excel (saved as CSV files).

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