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Basic Features

images in the formats of BMP,JPG,PCX,TIF
text in the format of TXT

files in the formats of RTF,TXT,HTML,CSV

Performance Measurements

Recognition range:
Simplified Chinese GB2312 code set.
Traditional Chinese BIG5 code set.

Recognizable fonts:
Simplified Chinese(Song, Bold, Fangsong, Kaiti)
Traditional Chinese(Song, Bold, Fangsong, Kaiti, Weibei)
English(Times, Roman, Helvetica, Courier and similar fonts)

Recognizable font sizes :
Chinese 12-48 pounds (200 dpi)
8-48 pounds (300 dpi)
6-48 pounds (400 dpi)
6-32 pounds (600 dpi)
English     6-96 pounds (200 dpi)
6-84 pounds (300 dpi)
6-72 pounds (400 dpi)
6-56 pounds (600 dpi)

Recognition precision:
99.3% or above for Simplified Chinese
97.4% or above for Traditional Chinese

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